Independent Partnership Program

What Exactly Is An Independent Partnership With Wade Marketing?

We provide you with expert guidance, materials, and skills to master the job application and interview process so you can acquire multiple full-time remote positions in the digital marketing space while we run and take care of all the digital marketing requirements and responsibilities for each new job you acquire.
This allows you to have much more free time to continue stacking jobs.
You will always be the face of each new job you acquire. Meaning, showing up to weekly team meetings, being responsive on emails/slack, collaborating with coworkers, and reporting on KPIs to leadership; while WM runs all of your digital ad campaigns, funnel building, and email/sms marketing processes for each job you have and reports directly back to you on results.

Background Information On How Our Program Came Into Existence 

This idea of stacking remote full-time digital marketing jobs came about a little over a year ago.
As media buyers ourselves, we were sick and tired of working full-time jobs handling 15-25 client accounts at one time, with workload and client management always increasing, yet still getting the same abysmal salary.
Then, thanks to the influx of thousands of untrustworthy and underperforming marketing "agencies" tons of businesses started to move digital marketing roles in-house. These businesses hire 1 media buyer to run all the ad campaigns etc for the business itself. But here's the great part: We could now make the same amount of money doing the digital marketing for 1 business as we were for 15-25 different businesses. 
That's where job stacking came in. This opportunity gave us the ability to stack these full-time digital marketing gigs while outsourcing our digital responsibilities and continuing to stack jobs and be the face of each job. 

What's In It For You As An Independent Partner Of Wade Marketing

Instead of going about job stacking on your own...

Which will most likely lead you to apply for the wrong job roles, hardly ever hearing back from companies regarding your job applications, and if you're even lucky enough to land 1 or 2 jobs, having to rely on risky, inexperienced freelancers from Fiverr to do the work for you.

Ultimately, this will result in you giving up after only a couple frustrating short weeks. 

Luckily, that's where we come in!

By becoming and Independent Partner with WM, we take all the guesswork out of job stacking and guarantee you are successful right from the beginning. 

Not only will we give you all the resources, tools, and trainings necessary to help you stack multiple remote full-time digital marketing jobs the exact right way, but you are assured to keep your new hard earned jobs for the long-term because you will have the choice to outsource the digital marketing responsibilities of your new jobs to our highly experienced internal marketing team.


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